Jamie Taylor

Operations Manager

Hey, my name is Jamie, I am the Founder & Operations Manager of Taylored Support Coordination.

I am dedicated to empowering individuals with Disabilities & Mental Health to express their choice & control, accomplishing their goals, make the most out of their NDIS plans & better their quality of life!

With extensive experience in the Disability & Mental Health sector, I have worked with various disability types and complexities. I have a wealth of knowledge about navigating the NDIS and getting the most out of participants plans! While my areas of expertise include SIL/SDA, Mental Health, and Physical Disabilities, I work across all disabilities & areas of the NDIS!

As the CEO of Taylored Support, I provide Support Coordination services to participant’s while also leading and mentoring my team to provide the Taylored Experience!

At the age of 16, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which causes constant pain throughout my body. Living with a chronic pain condition has motivated me and driven my passion to make a difference to people with disabilities!

Kiara Bates

Support Coordinator

Hey, my name is Kiara, a Support Coordinator of Taylored Support Coordination.

Having accrued a year of experience in support work, particularly centered on disability and mental health, I am now dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those I assist as a Support Coordinator. 

Flourishing in environments where I can empower individuals, my aim is to aid them in overcoming obstacles, attaining their goals, and nurturing independence. 

My background has afforded me a profound understanding of the distinct needs of the people I work with. I derive immense satisfaction from from cultivating trust-based relationships and collaborating with clients to navigate challenges. 

In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my family, engaging in sports, diving into a good book, and indulging in some baking. These activities keep me rested and ready for another day of Support Coordination.

Jordan Jackson

Support Coordinator

Hey, my name is Jordan, a Support Coordinator of Taylored Support Coordination.

I am a dedicated and compassionate NDIS Support Coordinator with over a year of experience in disability and mental health support. I am passionate about making a positive impact and thrive in environments where I can empower individuals facing challenges.

My background has equipped me with a deep understanding of the unique needs of those I serve. I find immense fulfillment in helping clients overcome obstacles, acheive their goals, and foster their independence. Building trusting relationships and collaborating with clients to navigate through challenges is at the heart of my work. 

Outside of work, I enjoy painting, playing with my dogs, hiking, experimenting with new recipes, and reading. These activities help me maintain a healthy work-life balance and approach my work with renewed enthusiasm and creativity.

Jacquie Redcliffe

Administration Assistant

Hey, my name is Jacquie, Receptionist and Admin Assistant of Taylored Support Coordination.

I’m relatively new to the NDIS industry, but I’m a bubbly and bright person who brings passion for helping others and am very dedicated to my role. 

With a warm smile and welcoming demeanour, I ensure that every visitor feels comfortable when visiting the TSC office.

I’m a proud mum of three beautiful girls. I love spending quality time with my family and I enjoy cooking delicious meals for them.


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